Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh How I Hate You Internet

Technical difficulties - Comments back shortly. Hopefully.

In other news, WTF, Wendy's? Now, granted I am grumpy because of technical difficulties AND I am like halfway through a bottle of wine, so this may not have been the best time for me to see this commercial, but I am being BOMBARDED by a new Wendy's commercial for Father's Day.

In the commercial, we see a tray of frosties being taken to a table. Voiceover says "what's the best type of frosty?"

Shot of frosty being handed to little black boy and black girl.

Voiceover: "The first one you have with your new adopted family."

Zoom out to show a happy white man and woman sitting with the little black boy and girl.


Adoption is great and is a lifesaver for many children. I am in no way disputing that. However, interracial adoption is a very problematic issue and a lot of white people already have this idea that they are these saviors plucking little children of color from the ghetto.

How about a little black boy and girl sitting with black parents, Wendy's? The voiceover makes it clear that it's an adoption, you don't need that obvious color differential to make that point.

Pushing my buttons. Doesn't help that it's on every commercial break. I'm just trying to watch The Office! Why, why do you have to make me so angry, Wendy's?

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