Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So - it's been a while, huh? It's the same old excuses - busy, busy, busy. But I am still teaching and still gathering material.

I also am working on a backlog of posts so that I am able to more completely address the issue of concealing student identity. I was already paraphrasing comments and combining different occurrences into a single entry, but now I am also letting entries sit for a few weeks before posting them, just to put further distance between the event in my class and the blog entries. I have a few entries sitting around waiting patiently.

For now, let me just leave you with this:

For the second time since I began teaching this course, a student has used the word "Consensus" when he meant "Census."

As in, "The U.S. Consensus".

I find that ironic considering how far from consensus the US seems to be on any given issue.

(go vote!)

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